You wish to hold the shocks compress, or sag, only about 1/3 of their full travel with you (and your passenger) sitting over the bicycle with a traditional load. For inventory Harley shocks That is about an inch, but the paperwork with your shocks ought to give their actual travel dimension. Only divide that range by 3 to acquire your desired sag.T… Read More

Some swivel to enable the pin to slip out, while some open up up when flexed. Some grasp links may also be disposable, and may only be removed by bending them apart with needle-nose pliers or a specialized Software.I'll pressure Yet again that that is a semi-permanent bracelet. It's going to take effort and time for getting it on and off. Concentra… Read More

Use a helper evaluate and generate down the distance from one shock mounting bolt to another. The distinction between this dimension plus the unloaded dimension is your solo sag.Why don't you offer a spanner for your XG750? My operator's guide states I need a shock adjustment spanner portion # HD-51439 with the shocks on my 2017 XG750.Absolutely fr… Read More